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James & Sean

The Amazing Waiters™ is an American Entertainment Act, co-created by Opera Star & Music Producer, James Anest and Broadway legend, Sean McDermott. Originally, an off-shoot of a conceptual group called THE AMAZING TENORS, The Act gained popularity through it's reputaion by producing well-concieved surprise shows that usually include a Singing Waiter element. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of corporate shows as singing waiters, concert artists and numerous other types of entertainment.

The uniqueness of the Amazing Waiters Act is it's flexibility, attention to detail, originality and of course always...top class singers that have proven themselves on the major stages of the World.
From concept to performance, this original act will allow you to turn your attention to other facets of your event while they put thier highly creative team to work, bringing you and your guests amazing entertainemnt, customized for your event. No one will see the same show twice!
How do TAW shows work? See The Amazing Waiter's Explaination Video. It takes you through the process of how their highly-regarded original shows are created with you in mind.

Co-Creator, James is no stranger to singing waiters. He spent over 10 years performing with the original singing waiter act all over Western Europe, that started in 1987.
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"I really learned a lot with that group. I remember the first gig I had with them. I was given a huge stack of music and told to learn it. I then had two rearsals with the four other singers I was singing with (it was a jazz-type ensemble, similar to Manhattan Transfer), and then given a plane ticket to Europe...it was CRRRAZY!".

And, as all independent contractors (performers) do, he also worked as a singing waiter at a restaurant called Micelli's-one of the oldest singing waiters restaurants in Los Angeles. There he served and sang several nights a week. "That schedule was exhausting. I had to try to be a good waiter and remember to keep my voice warm so I could sing those ridiculously hard arias I had to sing with a pianist...the rooms were usually noisy with no microphones. It took a lot to learn how to perform in that kind of setting and pretty valuable as I worked more in singing waiter entertainment after College..." - J

Sean and James met working hundreds of singing waiters shows with a three waiters act that started in Australia. "We found that we respected eachother's talents...we kept getting requested to perform together", says James..."Sean has a great range as a singer...he did Chris in Miss Saigon on Broadway for several years. That takes some serious chops...8 shows/week!...we initially worked together on a couple of benefits and thought that we should work together more frequently. So, we had some meetings/discussions and finally settled on putting together our own singing waiters act. "It was easy" Sean says, "We could see where the other waiter acts fell short and wanted to bring a higher-standard to discerning clients without the added cost. I think we've achieved that." As soon as the guys started working, they started to get requests for shows.
"We were pleasantly surprised, as soon word got out, we started getting booked. They trusted us, knowing we were experienced and knew how to do it right and, at the best price. That's a big responsibility but we are up to the challenge. We always try to get it right!" - S

Flexible, Talented and Entertaining...bringing you the best specialized Singing Waiters Entertainment on the Planet.

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*The Amazing Waiters have offices in Burbank, California and Chicago, Illinois, with regional performers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City.