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Our unique Singing Waiters shows fulfills many elements to an event. You have diversion/surprise, wonderful music tailored to your theme or guest preference, comedy which brings laughter and chatter, branding or attendee emphasis which will make your guests (or client) feel special, and finally the incredible talent which everyone is attracted to.
The Amazing Waiters experience is like no other Singing Waiters act. From the moment your guests arrive, they are met with our in cognito artists, mixing, pour a glass of water, possibly ask if someone would like some red or white wine, all the regular duties of a server...that is until it's SHOW TIME

We are may not have even noticed the nuance...that's the idea!

An Amazing Waiter Surprise at a Wedding Reception in Naples, Florida

The Amazing Waiters™ Videos

What do The Amazing Waiters shows look like?

The Amazing Waiters™ promotional video is our best overview, short of having you see one of our shows. It explains how one of our customized shows are served, and how it's received.
Through clever writing and acting, the Amazing Waiters, "Singing Waiters" shows are tailored to include unique combinations of humour, amazing voices, and thrilling surprises. By design, these specific shows deceive and redirect focus, keeping your guests guessing as to whether or not they are actually waiters.

Charades and "The Reveal"

The charade continues until the performers tell everyone they are not waiters (some people, even at this point, don't believe they really are not waiters...), and continue with the show-more as entertainers than waiters. Sometimes, they incorporate a wardrobe change reflecting the transformation from server to performer making it a two-phased performance. That's the beauty of having a special show written and performed for you.

Our Bella Soprano performing "I Could Have Danced All Night" from the musical, My Fair Lady

Customized Shows

1, 2, or 3 Amazing Waiters' shows are COMPLETELY customizable and affordable. We have a "Best Price Guarantee". We make it worth your time to shop and make the best decision.
Whether it's a huge sales convention or a few executives in a board room, the impact doesn't change, making you a rock star and The Amazing Waiters happy, knowing you'll be calling again.

The Amazing Waiters - Photos

Photos from past Amazing Waiter shows. We hope to add one of yours to the collection soon!

best surprise singing waiter entrance at a wedding reception in naples, florida.
Now...THAT'S an entrance! *Naples, FL (courtesy: Roberto Photos)

The Amazing Waiters

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